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Welcome to Classic-iron.com

Welcome to the site of Classic-iron.com. This site is dedicated to all the items that were used for ironing over the years. Now this collection is for sale.
It was the Kat family that put this collection together over a period of forty-five years.   They where true collectors and brought together a vast and varied collection from all over Europe. We hope these wares find their way to impassioned collectors and museums.

Online Store

In our online store we offer varied categories, from early wooden Mangle Board, flat irons up to Scandinavian Slug Irons and Glove Irons. Also a large number of Trivets and Stands and travel irons are offered. On our website we give an as accurate as possible description of these.

Valuation, advice

For valuation of all items we had the help of two of the best Dutch collectors with international experience in buying and selling antique irons. If you are disagree with a valuation, please let us know by sending a mail.


All items in all categories (except category Sold) are for sale. If you are intrested in a specific item you can mail directly on the contact button next to that item. If you are intrested in buying more items please contact us via the contact button. We will contact you by mail.